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Health Food Trend Statistics

There has been a lot of buzz about eating healthy and staying fit in television programs and in the printed media.

This seems to have affected the health food trend statistics. Everyone seems to be striving to improve their eating habits and changing their lifestyles.

According to recent global online survey, there is a significant improvement in the desire to eat healthy foods and stay fit.

Here are some of the steps that people have taken to improve their eating habits.

  • Eat small portions of different foods.

Taking small portions of food has popular in many households. This has especially been observed in homes with teenagers and children.

Many people have now realized that staying healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to avoid your favorite meals.

It just means that you have to eat the right quantity of food. This has affected budget allocations for food.

This is one of the healthy eating habits that are being adopted in families.

  • Shift from processed foods to organic food products

Health Food Trends Statistics (1)There has been a lot of attention on organic foods and their benefits on the media in the recent past.

This seems to have affected people’s perspective on processed foods. The trend is now shifting and more people have a preference for organic foods.

This has been occasioned by the general belief that organic foods are healthier and more nutritious.

This has subsequently led to a general decline in purchase of processed foods worldwide.

  • Increased desire for homemade food

Statistically, there is a general shift in preference from restaurant food to homemade meals.

Many people are suddenly having time to go home and prepare their own meals as opposed to eating from restaurants.

This is a result of the belief that homemade foods are generally hygienic and healthier than the ones from food stores.

This has forced people to beat their strict work schedules and find time to cook for themselves.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Health Food Trends Statistics (2)The consumption of vegetables and fruits in the uptown market has generally increased in the recent times as compared to the past.

These were food products that were consumed in the rural areas.

According to the recent survey vegetables and fruits are now on demand in the urban areas more than meat products.

What is clear from the recent health food trends statistics is that consumers are now giving priority to healthier food products when they go for shopping.

This has caused a sudden surge in demand for food products that are considered healthy and nutritious.…