Anal Bleaching


It may be uncommon, but dark pigmentation around the anal area is something that most people find it embarrassing. Go to to find methods of bleaching your anus at home. The normal color of the anus is pink, and that’s why being subconscious about having a dark anus cannot only lower your self-esteem but can also affect negatively your relationship.

You need to look for anus bleaching methods that can help whiten your anal area. There are several ways out there that you use to remove the murky pigments. Over-the-counter bleaching creams, clinic visits, cosmetic surgery and natural skin whitening methods can suffice. Natural methods are known to be the safest and always work better for people with allergic reactions.

Natural anal bleaching methods

1. Potato Juice & Sandalwood powder

Potato has organic acids that can help alleviate dark pigments in any part of the human skin. It’s one of the safest natural methods to whiten youdkgjkdgkdgfr anal area. It works best when applied consistently.

Sandalwood powder can be used alongside with lemon or tomato juice or a cucumber juice. The resultant paste is applied on the dark area. You should wait for the paste to dry out completely before removing it.

2. Soaked Almonds

Almonds are soaked overnight in water. The mixture is then drained to get the almond paste. Because of the antiseptic properties of honey, you can add it to the paste for better results. The paste is applied to the affected area of the anus and allowed to dry before it’s scrubbed off.

3. Gram Flour

This is one of the most effective home remedies for dark pigmentation around the anal area. You just need about two spoons of the gram flour, lemon juice, turmeric and a little milk cream. Make a paste out of the ingredients and dab it using a soft cloth on the dark murk.

4. Orange Peels

Orange peels are widely used for bleaching various parts of the skin. The peels are first sun-dried and then ground into powder. The orange peel powder is mixed with raw milk. The mixture is then applied to the anal area and left to dry before rinsing it off with tepid water.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon has several medicinal properties and because of its organic citric acid, it’s used in most anal bleaching creams for effective results. At home, you can squeeze out the lemon juice frdjfgdjhgjkdfngom a fresh lemon and soak a cotton ball in the juice. You can add coconut oil to the juice to reduce irritation; that’s if you have sensitive skin.

Remember that people have different skins, allergies, and biological conditions. Look out of natural anal bleaching methods that work best for your body. This means that you may have to contact a dermatologist for advice. Also, not that some chemical creams normally seep through the soft anal tissues and can cause more harm than good.…