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There are many cases of lung cancer all over the world compared to other types of cancers. Statistics show that it is the most common type of cancer. It is also very deadly as nearly half of its victims pass a year after diagnosis. While smoking continues to be the primary cause of lung cancer, many other factors cause lung cancer. They include:

1. Smoking

Statistics indicate that up to over eighty percent of lung cancer cases are due to smoking. Men who smoke are twenty-three times more likely to get lung cancer while women are thirteen more times possible to get the same. If you have been burning for a long time, then you are more likely to get the disease. Most of the chemicals that are present in cigarettes known as carcinogens pose the most significant threat.


2. Genetics

Research shows that if a member of your family, for instance, your dad had lung cancer then the chances are that you might develop the disease. If you smoke, then you have a higher risk of getting the risk than the rest of your immediate family members.

3. Age

Adults are more likely to get lung cancer than young people. Statistics indicate that almost two-thirds of those with lung cancer are aged. Most of those who are diagnosed with lung cancer are over seventy years.

4. Occupational exposure

If you are doing some types of jobs, then you raise your chances of lung cancer. Up to a third of the total lung cancer cases are because the victims are exposed to toxic materials and chemicals that include diesel fumes, wood dust, vinyl chloride, second-hand smoke among many others. Printers, chemists, miners, sandblasters and other workers are exposed to toxic chemicals.

5. Previous lung illnesses

Past lung diseases can cause inflammation as well as scarring in the lungs. Some of the lung diseases that can trigger lung cancer include chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, just to mention a few. If you have had any chronic lung disease, then you must go for lung cancer screening frequently to stay away from it.

6. Second-hand smoke

Even non-smokers can still get lung cancer. Exposure to secondhand smoke can happen in many places like your home, workplace, bars, restaurants among many others. According to statistics over three thousand people who don’t smoke pass away every year from secondhand smoke.

7. Diet

A balanced diet will provide you with the minerals and vitamins that you need to stay in shape. If you are not eating a variety of foods including vegetables and fruits, then you might get lung cancer. Your chances are very high if you use cigarettes. So, if you have not had a balanced diet, change it.


8. Polluted air

A small fraction of lung cancer cases is caused by breathing polluted air. If you are exposed to vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, factory pollution and many other types of air pollution, then you might develop lung cancer within a very short duration. The only way to avoid lung cancer is avoiding areas with poor air quality.…

Four Amazing Benefits Of Eating Curd For Your Skin

Curd masks moisture and enhance the skin’s elasticity while also brightening its complexion.

The benefits that eating curd has for the skin can be attributed to the nutrients which it contains.

They include vitamins, zinc, magnesium and many more.

Here are four amazing – benefits of eating curd for Your skin.

1. Using curd guarantees a wrinkle free skin

Curd has anti-aging properties that can help to fight free radicals.

The reason why free radicals are dangerous to the skin is that they remove oxygen from the skin cells, therefore causing immense damage.

These free radicals are also responsible for fine lines and wrinkles, which may appear on the skin. To achieve excellent results, make sure that you don’t move after applying the curd mask as this may make the face taut.

2. It offers a lighter and brighter skin

Four Amazing Benefits Of Eating Curd For Skin (1)If you apply curd on your face quite regularly, moles and blemishes will become less visible.

In addition, a suntanned skin will get lighter. What is fascinating is that you just need a spoon or two of curd to nourish your face.

If you want to add some twist, you can add some drops of orange juice or lemon. Because these juices contain citric acid, it will become an added bonus.

For many years now, citric acid has been well known for its skin lightening properties.

3. It guarantees an acne free skin

Curd is one of the safest home remedies that you can use to get rid of acne.

Curd is one of the key ingredients for most of the face masks that you can get in the market today. By applying it as a direct facial application, you can make your skin acne free.

Nonetheless, curd has acidic properties that assist in destroying bacteria and a wide range of bacteria from within your body.

With regular use, you can have a glowing and acne free skin.

4. It helps to reduce the size of skin poresFour Amazing Benefits Of Eating Curd For Skin (2)

Large pores on the skin can be reduced by spreading some curd on your face.

It is of paramount importance that you let it remain for up to twenty minutes before you wash it away. This ensures that the skin can absorb the curd mask.

You can then rinse it off with clean water. However, you should remember to use a good moisturizer immediately you get rid of the mask.

Olive oil can also be a great moisturizer. This is an important measure since the curd mask leaves your skin dry.…

Health Food Trend Statistics

There has been a lot of buzz about eating healthy and staying fit in television programs and in the printed media.

This seems to have affected the health food trend statistics. Everyone seems to be striving to improve their eating habits and changing their lifestyles.

According to recent global online survey, there is a significant improvement in the desire to eat healthy foods and stay fit.

Here are some of the steps that people have taken to improve their eating habits.

  • Eat small portions of different foods.

Taking small portions of food has popular in many households. This has especially been observed in homes with teenagers and children.

Many people have now realized that staying healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to avoid your favorite meals.

It just means that you have to eat the right quantity of food. This has affected budget allocations for food.

This is one of the healthy eating habits that are being adopted in families.

  • Shift from processed foods to organic food products

Health Food Trends Statistics (1)There has been a lot of attention on organic foods and their benefits on the media in the recent past.

This seems to have affected people’s perspective on processed foods. The trend is now shifting and more people have a preference for organic foods.

This has been occasioned by the general belief that organic foods are healthier and more nutritious.

This has subsequently led to a general decline in purchase of processed foods worldwide.

  • Increased desire for homemade food

Statistically, there is a general shift in preference from restaurant food to homemade meals.

Many people are suddenly having time to go home and prepare their own meals as opposed to eating from restaurants.

This is a result of the belief that homemade foods are generally hygienic and healthier than the ones from food stores.

This has forced people to beat their strict work schedules and find time to cook for themselves.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Health Food Trends Statistics (2)The consumption of vegetables and fruits in the uptown market has generally increased in the recent times as compared to the past.

These were food products that were consumed in the rural areas.

According to the recent survey vegetables and fruits are now on demand in the urban areas more than meat products.

What is clear from the recent health food trends statistics is that consumers are now giving priority to healthier food products when they go for shopping.

This has caused a sudden surge in demand for food products that are considered healthy and nutritious.…